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Feb 20

oh so very tired

Not too much going on these days… it’s February vacation here, so I’ve been drowning in children. Today I’ve got Lilli, Sarah, Jessie and Sam and for the moment, they are all playing together quietly in Jessica’s bedroom. I don’t expect this to last. But actually, when it’s just the four of them, it’s relatively easy – they break up into two groups (usually Lilli/Jess and Sarah/Sam).

We’re still working on the diabetes thing. I know that it’s so much better than it could be – it could have been something awful, diabetes is chronic, but controllable. But still, I was thinking last night of just how crappy it really is. Marc has been dealing with it for a solid week now, and it struck me of how sad and unfair it is that for the rest of his life, he’ll have to make himself bleed every morning and eat no more at a single meal than what I would consider a good meal for my six year old daughter. He’s fighting off a cold as well, which just makes it all seem that much more crappy.

But all in all, things really are going well. Other than the diabetes and the head colds that Sam and Marc have, everyone is healthy and happy. Well, Jess seems to be spending a lot of her time miserable and mad, but I think she’s just in touch with her inner drama queen. Intellectually, I know that she’s not crying all the time, but sometimes it feels that way. I’m chipper as can be. Really. Although if Sarah keeps yelling I might lose my mind today.

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