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Jan 19

Oh, the agony of it all

I know she’s my third child, and in theory, I’ve been down the teething road before – but I feel like it’s so much harder with Julianna.  Probably because she’s my easiest baby, she’s more than content to hang out and play with her daddy or siblings, or even just the bucket of blocks on the floor.  She’s sunshiney delighted almost all of the time – unless she’s teething.  In which case, she morphs into the human koala baby.  She nurses non-stop, cries if I even contemplate putting her down or in someone’s else’s lap.  She’s completely, totally, 100% devoted to me and the only thing that calms her down, the only thing, is being on top of me. 

So I cook one handed, I plop her on the floor on the bathroom rug when I pee.  I fold laundry with her in the back pack, and I spend a lot of time watching Say Yes to the Dress (why?  because it’s on all the time, and it’s short and requires no thought whatsoever).  I sit and snuggle her for hours, dozing on the couch because she’s up all night nursing.  Motrin works a little, tylenol works a little less, and baby ambesol is useless. 

But in the end, she’ll get another little tooth poking out and her smile is so beautiful.  It’s worth it – but really frustrating when I’m in the middle of it. 

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