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Jan 22


So I’m bopping around the yahoo homepage and run into a writing prompt on how public is your blog meant to be.  This blog wasn’t ever meant to be super public, which is to say that my target audience was always just me.  I like to write, it helps me to understand where I am and where I’ve been.  I’ve met (if you can use that term to describe people you’ve never actually seen) some awesome people thru this blog (JoEllen, I can’t ever thank you enough for getting me thru the nursing crisises I had with Julianna), reconnected with some that I had totally lost touch with, and in some cases, the blog provided ammunition to be used against me.  I love that people read it (most people, anyway).  I love the communication and I love the comments and the feedback.  But at the heart of it, this blog is for me.  It’s for my kids, I wanted Jess and Sam and Julie to be able to look back and have a record of what their childhood was like for me.  I think it’s really wonderful to be able to look back and remember some of the more memorable parts of motherhood.  So much of what I do is lost in the day to day hustle bustle of it all – I’m afraid I’d forgot all those little moments if I didn’t blog about them. 

I blog when I can, and not as often as I’d like to.  But this is mine and it’s me more than almost anything else.  It’s where I am, what I’m thinking, what I’m doing.  I love this blog.

Right now, Jessica is off at Hebrew School, and Sam and Julie are playing behind the couch.  We have baseboard heat here, and have to keep the furniture away from the wall in order to have it not frigid.  (Forget warm, I shoot for not frigid).  Sam quickly figured out that he could put his feet on the heater and stay warm and it quickly became his favorite place in the whole house.  He’ll sit on the couch at night, if I coax him, but mostly, he just hangs out behind the couch.  He moved Julie’s bumbo seat back there, and asked if she could come play.  She’s never sat behind the couch (because really, why would she?) and is utterly thrilled to be included in his game.  She almost never sits in the bumbo anymore – I keep it around for Becky’s daughter Abby, she’s really too big for it, so I don’t expect it to last long.

As far as milestones go – my baby is not even a little bit interested in crawling.  She will occasionally butt scoot forward, but for the most part, she just sort of hollers to get what she wants.  She’s VERY verbal, and is already saying a whole bunch of words.  Unfortunately, the only one that she seems to do on purpose knowing what it means is to cough.  I think she believes that it means hi.  She’ll say mama, aimee, ammy (Sammy?), abba, baby, happy, abby – all things that sound like she’s talking, but I don’t think she actually understands it yet.  But she’ll look right at you and cough on purpose and smile. 

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