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May 10

Opening Back Up

Jessie had big plans for this summer, and when covid-19 hit, we weren’t sure if any of it was going to happen. Turns out that it all probably is going to happen, which is both thrilling and terrifying.

Tougas, the apple orchard where she was scooping ice cream all last fall, is opening, on a reduced staffing level, but they’ll be in touch as the summer goes on, and she’ll probably be good to go for the apple season. And the other big news was a fellowship at the courthouse in Boston, and it sounds like that might happen as well. That involves her commuting into Boston every day, working basically full time for six weeks.

All of this would fantastic, and a huge opportunity for her, but … covid-19. Do I want my baby on the subway? I mean, I don’t want her on the subway on a normal day, but that’s a separate issue. I don’t know if it’ll be “safe” out in the world any time soon. I don’t know if it’s safe to send Marc back out either, and now I’m freaking out (on a quiet, internal level) at the thought of any one of my people going back out into the world. It’s taking a lot of energy to not freak at the thought of Julianna going back to public school. I know that she wants public school, she is definitely a child who’s happier in brick and mortar school, but is it safe?

We’ll have to balance out safety with sanity. What are the risks of exposure? How can we minimize them, while still getting a fifth grade education, working in the federal courthouse, or earning a living?

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