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Dec 15

preschool or not???

This is my dilemma. It’s not a big dilemma, and it’s not really time sensitive, as I’m not even considering it until next summer at the absolute earliest and more likely, it would be next September. Jess had one year of preschool, the year before she started kindergarten. And she learned a lot, really enjoyed preschool – but repeated the curriculum once she started school and she flat out hated kindergarten. My argument in favor of preschool is that it’s good prep for when they start going full time – but when I really think about it – it didn’t help Jess at all, she still had a huge adjustment to starting real school, and didn’t help her academically, I think it just made her bored, which added to how much she hated it.

Sam is a different kid than Jessica in so many ways. Much more attached to me, simply because I worked, at least part time, for a year or so before Sam, whereas Sam has been with me since the beginning. I’ve been babysitting for the same two kids since they were all infants, so he’s growing up with two best friends, learning to share, how to get along with other kids, getting socialized, etc. Does he need preschool? Would it be worth it for him to go for a year before starting kindergarten? Both my daycare kids will be going off to preschool next year, so there’s that weighing in on the side of starting him as well.

The only perk would be that it would force a little separation from me – give him a little independence. Sort of a taste, especially if we go with two or three half days a week – that way maybe the transition to full day kindergarten will be easier for him. I don’t want to send him, I don’t ever like sending my kids off to school – I still wish most mornings that I had home schooled Jess, even though she’s loving first grade. Plus I keep hearing that boys don’t thrive in academic settings in the early years, they’re sort of designed for a more sedate, calm personality (the stereotypical girl personality), as opposed to the rough and tumble, rambunctious boy that I’ve got. I’ve read a lot about parents starting their sons a year late, to give them that extra time to mature and be ready for school.

I don’t know… expect many more posts on this as I deliberate 🙂

In other news… all is well here. We got Jess the American Girl doll that she’s been dying for, and will have it waiting under the tree for her at Christmas. It’s killing me to wait – I can’t wait to see her face, she’s going to be SO thrilled. I think we’re going to get Sam the Batman Cave or some sort of big superhero thing (I’m letting Marc pick the boy toys – he’s so much more in tune with what Sammy would love). We’ll do stockings as well, but that’s about it for Christmas. My kids get so much for Hanukkah that I keep Christmas kind of low key. I still love celebrating it, but have to take into account that they are celebrating (and receiving gifts) all month long, and too many gifts is not only foolish, economically, but they don’t really value them because they have so much.

Baby is doing great – moving, moving, moving. I’m still all about food aversions – anyone have any great smoothie recipes they want to share? I have a hard time finding stuff that I can actually eat.

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