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Dec 17

So so proud of Jessica

She wrote the most detailed sentences out of everyone in her class, on the topic of how much she loves winter – and was chosen to read her paper out loud at todays WinterFest. She’s so thrilled with herself, and danced off to school today in her favorite green dress. We bought her a curling iron for Hanukkah (because she’s got gorgeous curls, but her hair is so silky and fine that the curls don’t stay in her hair). The curling iron worked great, though, because her hair wants to curl, so I actually sprayed a little curl inducer stuff, and put in a bunch of little ringlets – she’s so gorgeous. And I’m so proud of her for winning the writing contest – she used her imagination on some of them (for example, wrote about her purple sparkly ice skates she uses at Elm Park, when in fact, she’s never been ice skating before :-), and some of them were completely factual (about how she gets cupcakes for breakfast on her birthday). She’s so smart, and the best part was that she was so proud of herself for it.

We also got the tree last night – and it’s staggeringly small. I have a tiny little space here, and so we needed a little tree, but it’s shorter than I am ;-). Jess picked it out (as Sam was sound asleep in the car) and we’re going to decorate it tonight. I feel much better about everything now that I’ve gotten it, like now the holidays can really get going. Hanukkah isn’t a big holiday, religion-wise, it’s fun, but not all that important, and honestly, after the second or third night, the kids keep forgetting about it. I have to remind them to light the candles each night and get the gift. I wasn’t home last night, and they skipped the whole thing because Marc didn’t remember either.

I’m very happy about celebrating Christmas this year – the kids are loving the whole thing, and I feel really good about not missing out on this tradition with them.

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