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Mar 10

Purim, new glasses and temper tantrums

The title pretty much sums up my weekend. A three day weekend. Saturday afternoon I went down to my mother’s house, sans children, to discuss the Relay for Life that we’re organizing in Maynard. Why am I organizing a RLF in a town that’s 45 minutes away? That’s a whole other story for another time… but that’s where I was on Saturday. Came home to discover my poor house in shambles. Which led to (yet again) another battle royale re: housekeeping as it relates to making sure that children don’t destroy my house when I’m not here to yell at them. After considerable stress and aggravation (on both our parts), Marc conceded that he’s gotten out of practice handling the kids by himself and will endeavor to do better in the future. I’m not holding my breath, but was encouraged that he realized that something had to change.

I’ve started going out more without kids, and it’s not going well. At least not for anyone other than me. But I’m going to keep doing it, because I kind of enjoy a little time when I’m not Mommy. Not a lot, mostly, I like the kids and enjoy, hell, I actively want to stay home and spend time with them, but every now and again, say once every week or two, to go out without them for a couple of hours is delightful. It’s good for the kids, and good for Marc – to get time without me there running interference – and I really love it.

Sunday – we did Purim. Which is a big two day event, involving costumes and screaming and yelling and some cookies that don’t taste very good. But it was fun, Jess was Queen Esther on Sunday and a fairy on Monday, and Sam was a pirate. With a parrot on his shoulder, which was critically important to him.

Monday, Marc and I spent the day getting him glasses. Now that he’s got diabetes, he’s got a serious relationship with his eye doctor. It ended up taking ALL DAY long, and then we went to the Purim thing again last night.

The kids were up WAY too late all weekend long. Friday night was Shabbat, so we’re always up later then. Saturday night, we went costume shopping and then to BJ’s, which, in retrospect was a mistake, as it led to Jess being up VERY late again. Sunday, Marc went to the gym, and brought home a present for Sam (guns – another whole different post to come someday) and forgot to get one for Jess. So he went back out, but she stayed up later because she was waiting for Daddy to come home with her present. Then last night was the Purim reading – so she was up until nine or so last night. So, yeah, you guessed it – absolute and total melt down this morning on the way to school. Bedtime tonight at seven. That’s my plan.

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