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Mar 11

Where did I get all this stuff?

I’m cleaning – and thinking about moving this summer, and I’m shocked and dismayed at the amount of STUFF that I’ve accumulated. Thousands of coats and hoodies and shoes, don’t get me started on shoes, I’ve got literally hundreds of pairs of them. Not mine, but mostly Jessie’s. I need to weed thru all kinds of junk and get rid of it. I’m going to be the Freecycle Queen.

All is delightful in my world, Jessie danced off to school with a smile on her face, Marc’s sugar is down and other than the nagging little headache, I’m happy as a clam. Samilicious is watching Diego and is actually dressed in real clothes (as opposed to the pajamas that he’s usually wearing – he HATES getting dressed – when Jess was little, the first thing I did was change and dress her for the day, but Sam stays dry, mostly, thru the night, so he’s not waking up in a gross soggy diaper every morning, and he fights getting changed and dressed so much that I find myself putting it off, or changing just his diaper and letting him hang in his jammies most of the day).

Wish me good car thoughts, okay? Our car is in the shop – being diagnosed. Which is a cute way of saying they have no idea why the check engine light is blinking but they’ll see what they can do.

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