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Jun 05

Race for Education

Just got back from Jessie’s Race For Education. It was her school’s big fundraiser this year, they sent out letters to everyone we knew (we had to provide the addresses), asking that people sponsor the kids. But it was odd, somewhat like the Relay for Life in that the actual fundraising is all done ahead of time, and all that’s left is to trek around a football field several times. The money was already pledged and paid, there was no incentive to actually walk at all.

Had a rough time of it at the very end, Jess was thirsty and her class was lining up, she went to get some water and some psycho parent told her that she wasn’t allowed any more water and that she had to line up. Jessie is one of those kids who’s exceptionally well behaved, always, always listens to adults (as long as they aren’t her parents :-). But she’d never dream of deliberately disobeying another adult. I was gathering up my bag and my Sam, and I had two cups of water that I had poured before I went walking with the kids.

She came over to me crying and said she couldn’t have any water and had to go line up with her class. I tried to give her my cup of water, but she was really upset, said that someone said it wasn’t allowed. I had to literally get down on her level, look her straight in the eyes and tell her that I was her parent and in charge of her, and it was okay to drink the water I was giving her. It’s wicked hard to be a kid, I think, sometimes. You have no real control over anything, and everyone tells you what to do. She drank the little cup of water and I walked her over to her teacher and it ended up okay, but I felt really bad for her for a few minutes there. Sammy fell and scraped his hand up as well, so all in all, not a really successful venture for the Cohen Clan.

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