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Jun 04

Two quick cute Sam stories

Last night, I went to bed early, and took my book to read. I also had a granola bar and a glass of milk. Sam and Marc were on the computer watching Superfriends cartoons on Youtube. Eventually Sam came in and noticed that I had just finished my granola bar, and went back out to ask Marc to get him some “milk for myself” and a “granowa bar.” Then he comes toddling back into the bedroom, carefully arranges his milk and granola bar on top of the dresser and then crawled up into bed and asked me to hand him his stuff. I pointed out that I couldn’t reach it, and we set up a little table from his stepping stool and moved his snack right next to the bed. So he crawled back up into bed and announced he was ready to nurse. I told him that he had his snack to eat first, but he looked up at all, all big brown eyes and gorgeous smile, and said blissfully “Ooobies first, snack later.” Then he nursed to sleep. So cute.

I’ve got Jordyn, the cutie I babysit for, over for the day, and Harrison, the other cutie I watch is home sick. Jordyn and Sam were standing in the living room, and Sam had my keys. He is fascinated with my keys, and “tending to drive.” He picks up the keys, announced loudly “I go to work” and looks expectantly at Jordyn, who’s very busy chewing on her finger. When she didn’t immediately jump up, he said it again louder. “I GO TO WORK!” and again, Jordyn didn’t respond. Finally, he glares at me and says, all indignant and offended “Mama, her not kiss me!” Which I think is adorable, and says good things about the type of relationship that Marc and I are modeling for him 🙂

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