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Jul 26

Random thoughts on the weekend

– Take out really does make my life so much easier. Given the option, I’d always rather have take out, over cooking at home or eating at the restaurant. I know it’s the definition of lazy, but seriously – I adore it. Food delivered directly to your door – is there anything better?

– It’s extra special nice when my kids really, really get along. The squabbling and bickering can get so tiresome and irritating, and when they actually forget that they are supposed to battle, and get along, it’s so incredibly gratifying.

– When it’s ninety degrees outside, birthday parties are just better when they’re inside and air conditioned.

– There is nothing cuter than my favorite cousin, twenty two weeks pregnant. Just nothing cuter. I can’t wait for Julianna’s best friend to be born.

– Being the second wife never actually gets better. It gets easier, as the kids grow up, I get more used to the role, etc – but it still always has the potential to suck. Hard.

– Sometimes, when your little boy wakes up with a nightmare, and is inconsolably sobbing, and finally chokes out “I want DADDY!”, your primary feeling will just be relief that it’s not you who has to get up and sit with him for the next two hours. I do the vast majority of the nighttime parenting, partially because I nurse, but also because I think I’m just better at it. Sam is such a great sleeper, and almost never gets up – but was up Saturday from quarter of three until after five in the morning – and I got to sleep thru it. It was AWESOME.

– Going to the movies with my daughter is endlessly fun. Sometimes, it easy to forget that it was once just she and I – she was my only baby and my only focus. Now I’ve got three little lovelies to pay attention to, and while the love I feel for Jess has never diminished, the amount of time I was able to spend one on one dropped significantly, with the advent of her siblings and her starting school. I really, really enjoyed spending Sunday night taking her to see Ramona and Beezus.

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