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Jul 23


I think I forget sometimes, just about how much sheer TIME I spend nursing. I nursed Sam for so long, my primary breastfeeding memories are still of nursing a preschooler, and that’s fast and easy. Nursing a baby is so very different. Julie really is perfectly content to spend ALL of her time latched on. Sometimes nursing, sometimes dozing, sometimes actually sleeping, sometimes sipping occasionally while pondering whatever it is that she ponders. I don’t think I did anything else really today. I mean, I did, obviously. I fed the kids, did some laundry, some dishes, cleaned Jessie’s bedroom, vacuumed. But mostly, I just sat and nursed. On the upside – Grey’s Anatomy is on three times a day on the Lifetime Channel, and I’ve been watching my way thru that. I read an article, where they asked three different doctors if moms should watch television while nursing and all three of them said no – it was prime bonding time and mothers should spend their time gazing lovingly into their child’s eye. Not that I don’t gaze lovingly – but all I could think was that none of those doctor’s clearly were ever SAHM’s who nursed an infant full time.

I’m kind of worn out today – touched out, frazzled and tired. I’m ordering take out for dinner, and Marc’s at the gym. Jessie came home from camp, breezy and beautiful and thrilled with herself. Sam is overtired and I’m hoping he’ll eat before passing out for the night and Julie, my little Julie bug, has been cooing at her big sister, I swear she misses her when she’s gone all day, and is just now starting to fuss. Time to settle her down for a nap, hopefully, but other than a good nap this morning, the only sleeping she’s done is at the breast. She bounces awake every time I lay her down.

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