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Jul 04

Samuel Earl – on your eighth birthday

Eight is a significant milestone, I think.  They all are, I know that, but eight seems so much bigger than seven.

I get a little teary eyed, when I think back over the past eight years.  How incredibly determined Sam has always been, how focused and intense he can be, and how incredibly easy and relaxed he is about other things.  Sam changed my life.  They all did, each one of my kids, but Sam was the one who really shook up everything I thought I had known about parenting.  Sam made me stronger, he made me want to be the kind of mom he deserved.   Sam had such crippling anxiety, and figuring out how to parent him, how to help him to be the best he could be, to work thru the fear and be who he is – being his mom is one of the best, scariest, most intense and rewarding things in my life.

Sam is my buddy.  He’s mine, on a level that I never knew existed.  He was like my right arm for seven years, and watching him blossom and thrive the way that he has over the past year has been so amazingly beautiful to me.  There is a part of me that misses that little guy, the one that never moved too far away from me.  But the boy I have in his place, the smart, gorgeous boy, brave and bold and rambunctious and social… being his mom is way too much fun for me to look back that often.

Happy birthday Samilicious Boy.  I love you so much more than you realize, and I’m forever lucky to get to be your mom.

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