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Mar 17

Seven Little Things That Make Me Disproportionately Happy

One of the blogs I read (http://blog.wantingwhatyouhave.com/) gave me this idea…

1. Sammy’s growing vocabulary. Sam’s got a need to communicate – he has since he was tiny. He mastered nodding his head yes or no VERY early, and even now, the quickest way to circumvent a tantrum is to echo back what’s bothering him, once he knows that I understand what he’s going thru, he feels so much better. And he’s talking SO much these days – earlier today he said to me “Remember last night – I ate pink yogurt?” Remember is a really big word for a two year old. It was the first time he’d said it, and you could tell how proud he was.

2. Jessica’s love of reading. She really, really loves it. As a girl who’s always happiest with a book in her hand, this is one quality I really wanted to foster in my kids. And Jess, for as much as she’s testing her independence from me, she hates ponytails and blue jeans and too much milk in her cereal specifically because I like them – tells me all the time how much she loves reading. She’s sounding words out on her own, and picking out books to bring with her when we go out places.

3. Spending the day with family and friends. I have a big, unweildy, messy, dramatic, intense family comprised almost entirely of women. And there’s something magical and wonderful about just hanging out with them. I spent most of Saturday hanging out around the kitchen table at my mom’s house – and had just the best time.

4. My husband. So much about him – he’s literally the smartest, kindest man I’ve ever met. He’s always nicer than I am, his first instinct is always to do the kind, compassionate thing. Whereas I can be hostile or grumpy or hold a grudge, he’s just the exact opposite, he’s very level headed, and is always willing to extend a hand to help, give someone the benefit of the doubt, and invite someone over for dinner.

5. The relationship between my husband and my kids. I grew up without a dad, and there’s little that makes me happier than to see Sammy and Marc battle it out with the foam swords or building with blocks or tossing around a ball. Or to see Jessie jump up into his arms, or curl up on his lap for a story. They are so blessed to have him in their lives. I wouldn’t change the way I grew up – I got a phenominal mother and non existent father, which balanced out pretty well – but I’m always surprised by how much having a dad changes a kid’s life. Having this dad has brought so much to my kids’ lives and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

6. Let’s see… I know this sounds goofy, but one thing that always makes me happy is having the beds made, laundry done and put away, floors vacuumed, and dishes done. I know it makes me sound like a lame housewife, but when the house is a disaster, my frame of mind is frustrated and angry and when it’s clean, I’m all relaxed and peaceful. That does sound goofy, but as my mother would say, it is what it is. Perhaps I am a lame housewife.

7. When Marc comes up behind me and kisses my neck. I love that.

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