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Mar 16

Loving a Monday

Sam and I have been home all day today. Just us, very peaceful and relaxed. I’m happy to report that my son plays fine all by himself. I thought this might be a quality unique to my girl, because she was my oldest and my only for three and a half years. And I’ve been babysitting since Sam was about three months old, so he’s always had buddies. Between three older sisters, plus Glenny and Harrison and Jordyn, the child doesn’t lack for entertainment. But today I watched him set up a train in the living room, a garbage truck on my couch and have a delightful time entertaining himself. We’ve kept the television off (with the exception of when I was sitting on my butt doing nothing – have you seen that new show Castle? LOVE IT) and Sam’s been happy and busy all day. We bought him some new pajamas last night, two pairs, one Batman and one Superman, and he’s been changing since last night when we got home. Periodically, he whips one pair off, and pulls on the other.

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