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Mar 21


Days are merging into each other. Each day is the same as the one before, with nothing to distinguish them. Nobody is going to school, nobody is going to work. We’re all here, all the time, going nowhere, and literally no plans for the future. Every three or four days, I venture out, go to the store, check for toilet paper (there isn’t any), look for fresh meat (there isn’t any of that either). I buy cereal and fresh fruit and vegetables, coffee and milk and cream and bread. Then I come back home, and try to figure out what to do next.

The girls have basically had everything cancelled. All of Jessie’s exams, SATs and AP test – they’re either cancelled or adjusted to a shorter, on-line version. The MCAS have been cancelled – which throws Julie’s acceptance into the GSA program I was hoping to get her into up in the air. Sam’s IEP is put on hold, so he’s not getting any services for vision loss any time soon.

We’re just at home. Waiting. I’m not sure if we’re waiting for people we love to die, for one of us to get it and play the odds that the five of us won’t get seriously ill because we’re all pretty healthy to start off. Waiting for the world to start back up, to buy our house, to start our lives again.

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