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May 18


As it turns out – I actually have nice clothes. Like many stay at home moms, I imagine, my wardrobe has dwindled down to my husband’s old t-shirts and leggings. I’m not sure why this is – but I’m hazarding a guess that it’s a combination of not wanting to ruin your own nice clothes with spit up and chocolate and the realization that as long as your kids are dressed nicely, nobody really looks at what you’re wearing anyway. And I’m consistently frustrated, when I actually want to put on real clothes, because I can’t ever find any. I had one nice outfit, casual, cute, and figured that was all I had. But I went thru my dresser, filled up a trash bag full of clothes that either don’t fit any more or had too many holes to be even remotely acceptable. And lo and behold, I actually found stuff. Real clothes. Nice clothes. They’ve been hiding underneath all the crap.

I’m off to take a nice hot shower, and get myself dressed. Of course, I’m probably still going to wear Marc’s t-shirts, because I’m spending the day with Sam and honestly, now that I’ve found the nice clothes, I want to save them. So they’ll stay that way ;-).

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