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May 04

Sign of a bad mother???

I let my daughter stay home today, not because she was sick, but because I was. I’ve got a killer headache, have for two days now. Normally, the alarm goes off at six thirty, Marc gets up, makes the coffee and brings me in a cup when it’s ready around seven. But, unbeknownst to me, Jess had been coughing and sounding miserable in her sleep, and since we had discussed her coming down with something and possibly staying home today the night before, made the executive decision to let her stay home and have both of us sleep in. Which was lovely and kind and sweet, but when I got up at almost seven thirty because Jess was laying in my bed, stomping her foot on the bed and yelling that she was BORED (which is one of my pet peeves – I hate kids claiming they’re bored), I was livid. Overtired (because really, the last time I slept really, really well was almost seven years ago, with a major headache, and when I asked why, oh why did he not get me up in time to get started getting her dressed and lunch packed and hair done, he said IN FRONT OF HER that he thought I didn’t want to send her today.

Since getting Jess out the door on a day when I’m 100% is a struggle most days, and on a day when she thinks that Daddy would let her stay home and Mommy won’t is utter and complete hell, I gave up, and told her that she could stay home today. So now I’ve got a perfectly healthy six year old here, tormenting her brother and making a mess in my house. Which is a crappy way of looking at it, but my head really hurts. She’s not so much making a mess, it’s more that the house is a disaster after the weekend, and I’ve been cleaning for hours already.

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