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May 19


And why it means so much to me 🙂

Julie is WONDERFUL at night. Really. I’ve been really lucky, all three of my kids have always been really good at night. I co-sleep (these days with everyone, it seems – Jessie keeps ending up in bed with me) and I’m sure that’s why – once Julie mastered nursing in the side-lying position, my nights got so much better and easier. Most nights, I nurse her around ten thirty or so, and she’s good until three-ish, and then back to sleep until around five.

This morning, for some reason, I could NOT wake up. I got up at five, started coffee, nursed her, changed her, cooed at her a bit. Choked down one cup and then Marc got up. He got me a second cup of coffee, which I drank, and then took the girl child. I dozed until she started to fuss, and then nursed her again. Then fell back asleep on the chair in the living room until just before Jess had to leave for school. Usually, I’m BUSY in the mornings. I pack her lunch, supervise breakfast, sometimes I do the dinner dishes, I generally throw in a load of laundry, etc. This morning – nope, nothing. I slept. Jess picked out her own outfit, got her little self dressed, Marc made her breakfast, she packed her own lunch. Julie and I slept in the chair in the living room. I finally hauled myself up, poured yet another cup of coffee (seriously, Julie is going to be SO addicted) and was able to write a quick note for Jessie’s lunch (thanking her for doing everything this morning and letting me sleep) and kiss her goodbye before she left.

I think I’m just still operating at a sleep deficet from the first week or so with Julie. And any time it can, my body will snatch the opportunity to catch up.

In other news – I think the thrush has cleared up. I ended up going back to the shield on my left breast for a day or so, just because it hurt too badly to nurse on it. And it gave the nipple a chance to heal, because now nursing is virtually pain free. Thank goodness. It was a rough start to breastfeeding, but I’m really optimistic that we’re over the worst of it 🙂

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