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Feb 17

Slumber Party

Survived my girl’s first slumber party – it went better than I had anticipated. Due to supreme sibling stupidity, eighty percent of my neices weren’t allowed to attend, but Bella was here, we also had Lilli and Sarah and Julia here overnight, and everyone was asleep by 10:00 and slept thru the night with no problems at all. Well, except for Jess, she came into bed with me around three in the morning. We had cake and pizza and tons of chips and water… and Jessie has so many new toys, the kids have been playing pretty consistently. The other huge hit was the two cheap pallettes of make-up that I bought at the dollar store. I let them do makeovers, and gave them a wipie container so wipe off and re-do. They’ve all been really good, but I’m definitely ready for everyone to go home.

Unfortunately, nobody’s going home. We’ve got Lilli and Sarah until suppertime, and Julia and Bella haven’t been picked up yet. No idea when that’s going to happen… Marc and Sam are both sleeping. And I wish with all my heart that I was too 🙂

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