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Jan 19

Sneezy, sneezy, sneezy

I’ve got a cold, but thus far, it’s kind of a fun cold.  I like sneezing.  Not all the time, but it’s a lot more fun than hiccups.  Plus I’m also under the influence of benedryl and advil, so that’s helping as well.  All is delightful here today.  Both the older kids bopped off the school happily enough, and Julianna is zoning out in front of Little Einsteins.  It’s her all time absolute favorite.  She calls it “Pat, pat” and will insist that any or all of us that are currently home come and sit with her and pat in unison to get the rocket off the ground.  I think she originally liked it because it was the first show she could ask for by name.  But it’s quickly become the backdrop to my days… she  rarely watches anything else.  God bless the DVR. 

In other news – she’s got more and more words at her disposal now.  I’ve lost count, but she’s more and more articulate.  Usually just one syllable words, but she’s  got some two syllables in there.  She’s even saying some sentences “Need help” and “Baby stuck,”  “Baby Night Night” is one of her favorites.  This is a girl who loves her some baby dolls.  That, and her play kitchen are her favorite. 

She’s down to just nursing  a couple of times a day, usually just after she gets up and again in the late afternoon, and of course, she still nurses to sleep for nap and bed.  And usually once or twice at night.  Which doesn’t look like she’s cut back at all, nursing wise, but it feels like she has.  Because she’ll easily go without it, it’s more for comfort when she’s tired or upset.  She still feels very much like a baby to me, and I’m not ready for her to be all the way grown up yet.  I don’t mind the nursing yet.   I was so ready for it to be done with Sam, but Julianna is still tiny.  Sam was closer to two and a half before I started to feel like it was done, and Jules is still a ways away from that.

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