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Jan 17

Because sometimes I need to brag

My kids are awesome at playing alone.  Julianna just spent easily a half hour collecting babies and blankets from around the house, and laying them all down for bed in Sam’s room.  Why Sam’s room?  I don’t know… but she was so BUSY and so cute.  She was going back and forth between the living room and  the bedrooms, humming to herself the whole time, and I was sitting on the couch reading and thinking to myself how great it was that she could keep herself occupied and enjoy it so much.   Then she came in and announced “Baby Night Night.”  She was so proud and thrilled with herself – I asked if I could see, and she led me into the bedroom.  She really did it – she found four or five little blankets, laid them all down and placed a baby doll on each one. 

I’m delighted with her today…

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