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Mar 01

Snowy Saturday

Took both of my cherubs to the doctor’s yesterday – and felt vindicated. Jess has an infected tear duct and is on augmentin and hydrocortisone cream. Sam is on a nebulizer and if his cough doesn’t get better, I can call on Monday to get an rx for it. I started Jessie on the medicine yesterday afternoon and her eye already looks better. Sam was up most of the night coughing but his nose isn’t running, so he’s on the mend as well, I’m assuming ;-).

Took all four children to the hockey game last night – Marc’s company did their winter outing. And it went really well, they were all relatively well behaved – and Sam was FASCINATED by the mascot, a big shark. Every time he saw it, he screamed with joy. Jessie cowered behind my chair when he was in the party room with us, and when he ventured too close, she started sobbing in terror. Marc says she gets that from me :-).

Snowy Saturday today – which is lovely. Would be more lovely if we had a lot of food in the house, which we don’t – but we have enough to eat so we won’t starve before we get to the store. Jessie’s dance class was cancelled, which brings her up to three weeks that she’s missed. At least three, because I think she may have missed the week before vacation.

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