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Mar 02

Ahh – the glory of a Sunday

Had my stepdaughters all weekend, and it went exceedingly well. This was our first weekend with them, where we picked them up Friday night and kept them until Sunday afternoon. Just like your normal stepfamily. And the one thing I’m certain of is that if we continue to get them overnight, we definitely need to find a bigger apartment – one with enough beds for everyone.

Jess is actually still asleep, I can’t ever remember her sleeping this late before, but she’s been up so late the past couple of days, I’m thrilled that she’s catching up now. And Ben and Carolyn (kids that belong to friends of Marc’s) are in Jessie’s room – Carolyn is playing with figurines and Ben is playing with some sort of electronic thing he brought with him. Lilli, Sarah, Glennys and Sam are all in the living room with bagels and Peep on the television.

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