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Feb 20

some days are better than others

Not that there’s anything wrong, exactly, I’m just low on patience and the kids are driving me nuts. Everyone is whiny and fussy and bored and more than happy to complain and moan and groan. Including me.

On the upside, there’s only another five hours or so until I can start putting everyone down to bed. And with any luck, Annie will pick up Glennys, and maybe even Jessica, and Sam can take a nice long nap. Wednesdays are harder because Jordyn needs to nap in my bedroom, which is also where Sam naps. But I can’t put Sam in there with Jordyn because she’s such a light sleeper. And with Jess in the mood she’s in, asking her to stay quiet and not bug me while I’m trying to get Sam to sleep was like asking the ocean to stay put. Simply impossible – and kind of silly to even comtemplate it. So Sam napped for about forty five minutes and is going to be a fussy pain in the neck until about four or so, when he’ll finally go back down, thus ensuring that he’ll be up until 9:30 or 10:00 tonight.

God, I need more coffee. It’s afternoons like this that make me realize that were it not for the afternoon caffeine fix, I’d kill one of them.

There was a really cute moment earlier, Glennys and Jess actually allowed Sam to play with them, and they gave him a little pink purse, and were playing baby. Jess was the baby and Glennys was the Mommy, Sam was the Daddy trailing behind them carrying the purse. And he was so confused about what he was doing, but so damn proud of being a big boy, able to play with the big girls. It was so sweet…

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