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Feb 21

Thursday is like my Friday

Because I have no extra kids on Fridays, and one of mine is usually gone all day at preschool, Fridays are my weekends. It’s like Saturday and Sunday combined into one glorious day where the only one I have to take care of takes a three hour nap and doesn’t talk. I have my two today, plus Lilli, Sarah, Glennys, Harrison and Julia. Which is about five kids more than I’m really up for – but so far, so good. I’m behaving much like a drill sargeant, quelling uprisings and running and yelling with an evil glare and admonishments to sit down on the couch.

I’ve got two boys asleep in their respective sleeping spots and the door shut. Sarah and Jessica are playing quietly in Jessie’s bedroom and Lilli, Glennys and Julia are in the living room with Dr. Suess on television. Marc’s going to the gym tonight, so I’m all by my lonesome – which sounds FABULOUS to me right now. Lisa should pick up the girls and Joy will pick up the other two between five and six, which will leave me with just Glennys for dinner. Annie thinks she’ll be here around six thirty, which means that if I try really hard, I can probably get my cherubs asleep by 7:30 or so.

Last night was wonderful – Marc played “fight on the bed” with the two kids, and for the first time, Sammy actually participated. And then when they were done, Jessie curled into her Daddy’s arms and Sam came and got me to come and lay down with them. I nursed my boy down to sleep, Marc told Jess a story and then I sang a lullaby (my version of ‘hush little jessie’) and they were sound asleep and so sweet together that I left them in my bed. This was a decision that I bitterly regretted all night long, because it just ended up with me sleeping on a tiny little sliver of bed 🙂

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