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May 09

Somehow – we’re just complete now

She’s not even eight pounds yet (although back to her birth weight according to the doctor’s scale today – YAY for breastfeeding), but somehow Julianna just completed the family. It feels perfect now. I don’t know that it felt as though she was missing before, but there’s a different feel to it now. I spent the whole day with Marc and the kids, and it was the nicest Mother’s Day that I can ever remember.

Julianna let me nurse her in bed last night for the first time, and it was so perfect. So instead of getting up at three o’clock for an hour or so, I just latched her on and we both fell back to sleep. She’s still up every two hours to nurse, but I went to bed at nine and slept until 11, was up until just after midnight, slept until three, latched her on and went back to sleep. Then we got up around five for an hour or so, and then went back to bed until NINE. It was literally awesome – I got so much sleep, it’s 8:21 p.m. and I’m still coherent and pleasant.

Marc and Jess brought me breakfast in bed and then my in-laws came over for brunch, and we had Lilli and Sarah here as well. Marc made everyone omelets and then everyone left and it was just the five of us. We took Julianna in for a quick appt with the pediatrician – I could see that it was thrush (and feel it whenever she nursed) and the doctor confirmed it. So we’ve got a nice rx for her, and then we went to Target to get Jess new shoes and some diapers, etc. Julianna slept in the sling and then we walked across the parking lot and got dinner.

After that, we just came home. All the kids got a bath, including Julianna’s first official in the water bath. And her hair is delightfully fluffy. Marc’s been relaxing and playing on the Wii, and the kids had a nice, peaceful, relaxing sort of afternoon. I did a little housework, some dishes, some laundry, but mostly I just sat and read and rocked and nursed and it was lovely.

I feel so much better, so happy and so peaceful.

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