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May 11

Settling in

I feel like me again. Marc told me over the weekend that he felt like he had gotten his wife back, and I think he’s right. Between the pregnancy and the first week home with Julianna, I was not myself for a while there, but now feel as though I’m waking up. If that makes sense. I can bounce out of a chair, I’ve got a lot more energy. I almost (not quite) fit into my old clothes, I smile so much easier and more often. I’m more in control of my life, feel as though I can fully handle the house, the kids, the marriage, etc. It’s so much better than it was – I’m blissfully happy with this baby girl, and still can’t believe how lucky I am.

Julianna has completely gotten over her nursing issues. We haven’t used the nipple shields in several days, and she’s started nursing in bed at night with me, which means that I’m getting so much more sleep than I was at first. We are dealing with thrush – but the medication is making a huge difference for her, her little mouth looks so much better. I’m still in some serious nursing pain, but called my OB today for a stronger rx because the liquid the pediatrician prescribed for both of us is obviously working only for the baby. She’s sleeping better at night as well, longer stretches, it’s not unusual for her to go four hours or so at a time. I nurse on demand, so she eats a ton during the day and less at night, which I LOVE. She’s a very calm, peaceful baby. She fusses only when she’s hungry, needs a change or a burp, and sometimes she’s start to fuss if she’s a little over stimulated. The kids ADORE her, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve chanted “She’s not a doll, please leave her alone and let her sleep.” When she gets a little fussy, literally all I have to do to calm her is to pick her up, once she’s in my arms, she stops immediately. She also calms down when I plop her on Marc – just removing her from the kid activity is enough for her to gain back her equilibrium.

Jess has another bout of strep. She came home from school yesterday crying with a fever and a red throat, so back to the doctor’s we went. And got a stronger rx, hopefully this will clear it up entirely. Sam is doing great, doesn’t seem to have thrush or strep, which puts him light years ahead of his sisters, health wise.

I’m good – I’m relaxing into this new phase of my life, with three kids. It’s still an adjustment and I still struggle sometimes trying to balance out time for everyone, but it’s getting easier – and there’s something so magical about watching all three of my kids together.

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