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Jan 29

soooo tired

I’m exhausted today – Jess got up around midnight and crawled into bed with me, and Sam was up nursing a lot. Jessie’s a cuddle bug at night, she likes to be as close to me as she can be, in contrast to Sam, who nurses and moves away (so why won’t he sleep without me???). But because Jessie was so close, I kept trying to move away from her, which pushed me over closer to Sammy, which would wake him up, and as long as he was awake, I guess he figured he might as well nurse… I’m ready for bed and it’s not even 5:30.

Not too much happened today – other than the maiden voyage of my new vacuum cleaner. I’m ridiculously happy about it – it actually sucks everything up. All of it. It looks as though I have all new carpets. Whole new levels of cleanliness here at my house. And my sister in law and sister are battling again, and both of them are blaming my mother completely for the whole mess. On the upside, my sister in law hasn’t been talking to me for the past couple of years, so I only had to listen to my mother and sister venting. I’m so glad that I’ve moved out of the family drama – it’s not that I don’t care, exactly – but I don’t care. Someone in the group needs to grow up and just stop participating, or the two of them will kill each other. Or drive my mother into an early grave by stressing her out.

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