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Feb 02

Sammy kissed the vacuum cleaner

It’s his favorite thing in the entire world. We finally had to work out a compromise, I let him vacuum first, then I get a really quick turn (when I try to get the whole rug done) and then I let him finish up. Last night, Jessie was a little clingy, and wanted me to cuddle her to sleep. So I convinced Marc to go pretend to take apart the vacuum, because Sam’s favorite activity is putting stuff back together with Daddy. So he and Sam were occupied out in the living room and I sang my favorite girl to sleep. She’s so wonderful – so loving and funny and sweet.

After I got her to sleep, I came back out into the living room and hung out with my guys. Eventually Sam got tired enough to crawl up on my lap and nurse to sleep, and I told him to go kiss Daddy goodnight. So he toddled over, kissed Daddy and gave him a hug. Then he walked over to the vacuum and looked at me, like he was asking permission. So I said to go ahead, and he reached down, kissed the top of it, and then wrapped his arms around it for a good night hug :-).

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