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Jun 17

Summer Camp

Jess went off to summer camp this morning. I was really happy to send her off, for a bunch of different reasons. One, I think that the summer will be better if she’s got a bit of structure to it, it’s only two mornings a week, but I think she’ll have fun and still be able to have the freedom of just hanging out time as well. Two, I liked the thought of it being a new environment for her, with new teachers and new kids. It’ll expand her world a little bit. Three – she gets swimming lessons, gymnastics and an arts/crafts thing. She cried when Marc dropped her off, though. I know that she’s an easy crier, and she’s always a little thrown off in new situations, but I’m hopeful that she’ll thrive in the environment.

Sam is already asleep, we went to the park this morning and he fell asleep about a half hour ago. He’s such a sweetie, and so mad that Jessie leaves him each morning. This morning, he refused to give Marc a kiss goodbye, I think, just because he was so angry that Marc hasn’t been around and that when he leaves, he takes Sammy’s favorite girl with him.

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