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Jul 21


Ah – it starts again. I hate teething – I hate the idea that my kids are in pain and there’s nothing to do but suffer thru it. Poor Julie is drooling all the time, chewing on her fists and having such a hard time sleeping. It’s ten of two, and she just now fell asleep for her first good nap (she normally naps from around nine until eleven and then at least one more good nap in the afternoon, sometimes two). There are no teeth popping thru yet, but I know the signs. Jess and Sam both cut their teeth relatively early (Jess was five months, Sam was seven), and I’m fearing that Julie will be even earlier.

Which would be par for the course, since we’ve had more nursing battles, she and I, than I had with the other two combined. It would only make sense that we’d start the biting earlier as well. My breast infection seems to have cleared up, thanks to Dr. Marc. I’m using lotrimin ointment (yes, the same stuff used for athlete’s foot and jock itch) and it worked better and faster than anything else I’ve tried. Julie is still showing signs of thrush, so I give her to nystatin whenever I happen to remember it, and just hope that it doesn’t get bad again.

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