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Dec 01

Not too much going on….

Thanksgiving was lovely – it was actually one of the most peaceful ones I can remember. One of my brothers, I swear to God, makes it his holiday mission to bug the hell out of me. I go down to my mother’s the night before to be there bright and early to help make the turkey. And my brother always shows up around eight, and bugs me until he finally goes home to his own house for dinner around noontime. This year, he never showed up, and the day was peaceful and easy and delightful.

We had another Thanksgiving on Saturday, here at the house. Invited friends and family and the turkey turned out wonderfully. This way we have tons of leftovers, and it went so well that we’ll do it every year, I think.

Everyone’s got a cold here, well, except for Marc, and I think he’s coming down with it. It’s not a bad cold, but coughing, sneezing and general yuckiness seems to prevail all around. I took some benedryl to bed last night, and feel a LOT better this morning. Jess was home yesterday (she had a dentist appt in the middle of the day, so I didn’t bother waking her up and shipping her to school for only a half day), but went to school happily enough this morning.

I was doing dishes this morning (as per usual) and Sam came tearing into the kitchen, devastated that I was “doing his job” without him. He LOVES doing the dishes, and really considers it his responsibility. We do them together, obviously, but he did a great job, and I love that he totally steps up when it comes to household chores :-). I also love that it’s my son doing the dishes, and not my daughter. Sam’s such a BOY sometimes, I worry that we do a little too much gender stereotyping around here, because Jess is such a girly girl and Sam’s so rough and tumble boy-ish. I think it evens things out to have Sam in charge of dishes. Now if I could just get Jess interested in bringing out the trash…

Baby is doing well – moving a LOT and I love it. I’m getting bigger and bigger and it’s starting to occur to me that there’s no way out now. If that makes any sense… with both Jess and Sam, there was a point in each pregnancy when it suddenly became clear to me that the only way out of this was labor. There’s no escape – this baby is definitely real and coming and in a few short months, she’ll be here. I can’t wait.

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