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Nov 22


We’re prepping a little differently this year.  In the past, we’ve split up on Thanksgiving.   Marc stays home with Sam and sometimes Julie, and Jessie and I spend Wednesday night and most of Thursday at my mother’s house.  And in years past, that’s been okay.  Sometimes Marc, Sam and Julie would come down to my mothers and join us for dinner, some years they’ve stayed home and made a big Thanksgiving dinner here – which is how we started doing second dinner.

The High Holidays this year were brutal, at least Rosh Hashana was.  I missed my son.  Separating out on Thanksgiving used to be no big deal.  It was even a lovely tradition, because I love having Jessie and my mother together, prepping Thanksgiving every year.   It was easy to take it for granted, we were always together, so if we, as a family, separated out on one holiday, it was no big deal.  And until I went through the holidays in September with him at home, and us out celebrating as a family without him… it wasn’t a big deal.  Now it is.  I want him with me on the holidays.  I don’t like not having all of my kids with me when I do family things.

This year, I’m working on Wednesday morning.  I’m going to come home and pick up at least the girls, maybe Sam, if I can talk him into it.  We’ll go down to my  mother’s house, and bake, bake, bake.  Marc will come home, pick up Julie (maybe Sam if I can get him there) and bring them home.  Jessie and I will sleep over and get up at four o’clock to prepare the turkey and make the stuffing, eat Danish and gossip with my mother and aunts and cousins.  At noontime, we’ll pack up and head home, where Marc will have prepared a lovely Thanksgiving dinner for us, and Annie, Richard and Glennys, and Joy, Skip, Julia and Harrison.

In other news… Jessie won Best Delegate yesterday at her Model UN conference.



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