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Nov 22


I woke up this morning a little before five.  In my dream, Jessie slammed a car into another one, and totalled both of them.  Nobody was hurt, in my dream, but she had done it accidentally because she was mad, and I was busy taking care of Julie and couldn’t stop her.  Then Marc was snoring, and in my dream, it sounded like she was actually awake and screaming and crying, so I woke up, ready to spring into action.

Turns out it was just a dream, she was sound asleep, but I was already up.

The sunrise is beautiful, and my toes are frozen.  I took a shower and even used the blow dryer on my hair, but neglected to get socks.  I have dishes to do, and laundry to fold and a poem for eighth grade English that I have to print for my girl.  Today’s a blur of school conferences, doctor’s appointments for Sam and Julie, and kid picks up all over town.

Sam ate cereal last night.  For the first time.

Jessie’s class voted for superlatives yesterday for the year book.  She won six of them.  She’ll only get credit for one in the year book (because each kid can only get one), and she got the biggest majority for Best Dressed, so that’s what it’ll be.  But she actually won Most Presidential, Best Hair (and for those who remember the Great Hair Crisis of 2015 – you’ll understand my shock and joy at this one), Most Likely to End Up on the News, Most Likely to Rule the World and (wait for it…) Best Sneeze.

Julianna Ruth is very busy taking care of Anna these days, she’s got an American Girl doll and she’s the beloved one.  I’m looking at the dining room and trying to decide if I should clean the room, or just leave the bedroom that she’s built out of dollhouses and Jordyn’s old suitcase.  She spends fifteen or twenty minutes singing Anna to sleep every night, and gets up in the middle of our snuggling to go check on her because Anna has trouble sleeping.



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