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Nov 24


I’ve got my aunt staying with me, she’s up for the holidays and waiting for my cousin’s baby to be born.  Which is lovely, and I absolutely love having her here, but it does mean that I’m fighting for computer time with my unemployed husband plus her.  Hence, no blog posting for a while. 

But all is still delightful in my world.  Julianna still has her one tooth, which she’s weilding as a serious weapon.  She’s already cut the top of her mouth twice with it, and while she hasn’t bitten me while she’s awake, she has done it several times after she’s dozed off while nursing.  She’s sitting up on her own, and still so freaking cute, it just takes my breath away a thousand times a day.  Samilicious boy is getting bigger and bigger every day.  One of Marc’s friends gave us a bunch of hand me downs and I thought they were WAY too big – turns out that they are just a tiny bit too big, and some of them fit him perfectly.  When did he grow so much?  Where did my tiny boychild go?  Jessica Mary is still my shining star – she and I are heading down (with Julianna, of course) to my mother’s house tonight, we do that every year so that we’re there for the stuffing part of Thanksgiving – it’s my favorite part of the whole day, when it’s just us cooking and talking. 

I woke up this morning with a killer headache (didn’t have coffee yesterday afternoon) and was lying in bed.  I had Jess get me some motrin and a bottle of water and begged Marc to take Julie out of the bed so that I could lay still until the meds kicked in.  And both Jessie and Sam were firmly convinced that the best way to make me feel better was to lay in there with me, giving me Sammy snuggles and Jessie love.  Even though there was a rational, logical part of me that was whimpering in pain wanted them to go away, far away, just so that I could lay in complete silence until it got better – I put my arms around them, enjoyed all the love and “feel better Mommy” and assorted comfort measures that they could come up with. 

My head is still pounding and it’s not going well – but I’m relying on motrin and coffee and lots of water and hoping for the best…

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