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Nov 17


Last night, I had finally drifted off to sleep when I woke up to hear Sam hollering.  We still play musical beds a lot of the time.  I had both the girls in bed with me and Marc was in Sam’s bed with him.  (On a side note, I had put Jessie to bed with a special treat of falling asleep in my bed while watching a History Channel special on Mt. Rushmore – I love that watching documentaries is her idea of a special treat)  I got up to discover Sam was mostly asleep and yelling that he wanted to go home – he just wanted to go home.  I felt so bad for him – any kind of change is so hard for him, and it seemed as though in his sleep, he just wanted to be back home where everything was familiar to him.  I crawled in next to him and started rubbing his back.  Marc was in there too, trying to get him to understand that he was home – but he was still really asleep.  Then suddenly, he started hysterically laughing – the kind of contagious laughter, where he sounds so delighted and just tickled pink by the whole situation.  I started laughing too – because it was just kind of funny, Marc and I both bleary eyed and exhausted, trying to soothe this kid who’s really still sleeping.  There is something magical about a boy who just laughs in his sleep. 

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