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Jun 06

Top ten things I adore about Julianna Ruth

(no order and far from all that I love about her….)

1.  She can nod yes and sign no – and instead of shaking her head no, the way most toddlers do, she waves her hand in front of her face, as if she’s saying “Oh, no, no, I couldn’t possibly….”
2.  She enthusiastically agrees with me when I carry her back to bed, if I ask if she’s read to nurse and go to bed.
3.  She stops sometimes, mid nurse, to grin up at me and wrinkle her nose.
4.  She’s also developed a little sign language way of telling me when she wants Marc.  She points at the palm of her hands, because that’s where Marc has his blisters from working out.
5.  Her eyes are not green, not grey and not brown.  But a beautiful combination of all three, coupled with gorgeous brown curls and a perfect little face.
6.  She loves people – loves being in the middle of everything, and is happy to go with anyone, as long as they swoop in and scoop her away from me.  If she’s distracted, she’s fine.  But if she can see me or Marc, forget it, she wants just to be with us.
7.  She wakes up every morning delighted by everyone.
8.  I held her thru every single one of her naps, until she was about ten months old.  Then she, all of a sudden, started napping on her own, and now sleeps for hours on her own.  She’s a walking (okay, crawling still) endorsement of attachment parenting.
9.  She’s got a “happy bounce.”  You can tell how enthusiastic she is about anything by the level of the bounce.  A bounce coupled with waving arms means that she’s ecstatic.  She bounces a lot 🙂
10.  She’s just starting to talk.  And pull herself up more and more.  She’s on the cusp of everything, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll do.

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