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Jun 06

Top ten things I adore about Samuel Earl

(again – no particular order, and I could easily have come up with a whole bunch more)

1.  He can play for hours, by himself, with a bunch of blocks and little army/firefighter figurines.
2.  He adores his daddy, and really, really wants to be just like him.
3.  He makes his baby sister light up whenever he walks into the room.
4.  He’s my lovebug boy – and starts every morning with at least five minutes on my lap, giving me “Sammy Love.”
5.  He loves trees.  A newly cut down tree is enough to bring him to tears, and he’s honestly concerned about the trees when the weather isn’t good.  He’s my little druid.
6.  He idolizes any guy in a savior role – policeman, fireman, soldier, etc.  If it’s a guy, doing something to save or protect others, that’s what he wants to be.
7.  He really, really loves Jessie’s best friend Glennys.  It’s just a sweet, pure kind of love, he just flat out adores her.   I know he’s only four, but holy moly – if he still feels that way in twenty years, Glennys is going to be luckiest woman in the world….
8.  He is by far my easiest child when it comes to sleep. He just goes to sleep when he’s tired and wakes up when he’s ready.  There’s no stress involved, he just does what his body wants and my main job is just to let it happen.  He never fights sleep, he never wakes up too early.  If he’s tired, he sleeps until he’s done.
9.  He is unabashedly antisocial.  He flat out doesn’t like people in general.  In specific, there are people he likes a lot, but big groups?  Forget it, he hates it.  And as much as it’s challenging at times to deal with, I have to admire his honesty and conviction.
10.  He’s so incredibly sweet and loving.  Earlier today, he told me that I was the most beautiful Mommy ever.  Out of nowhere, and believe me, today is not one of those days when I’m pretty.  My newly short hair is half caught up in a ponytail, I was wearing Marc’s old Patriots shirt and still had on yesterday’s mascara.  But in his eyes, I was beautiful.

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