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Jan 13

We all have covid

Julie and Marc are the only one we have test results for, but I expect to get Sam and Jessie’s today or tomorrow, and I’m on the phone arranging my test now.

We’re okay. Julie’s mostly through the worst of it now, and feels basically okay. It’s hard to figure out how to count quarantine days, because everyone has a different way of doing it (and 22 months into this thing, it seems weird that we don’t have any clear directions). According to the Board of Health, you start counting (at Day 0) on the first day of symptoms, and then quarantine until Day 6. I think Julie is on Day 5 (started last Saturday), Sam is on Day 3, Jessie is on Day 1, Marc is on Day 1, and I’m on Day 0. Which means I quarantine through Tuesday. Julie’s technically good to go tomorrow, Sam is good for Monday, Jessie and Marc on Tuesday and I’m free on Wednesday. After that, as long as your symptoms are improving, and you are wearing a good mask, you can grocery shop, go to school, the library, etc.

There’s really nothing to like about this. I don’t feel great – I mean, I don’t feel tremendously ill either. But I’m coughing and quarantining and it’s frustrating. There’s this overwhelming worry – because I’ve spent close to two years hearing about how fatal this is, watching my mother deal with long-haul covid, and it’s scary. But so far, we’re riding through it. It’s like a really bad cold and the hard part is that we all have it all at once.

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