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Dec 17

Why would anyone NOT want to co-sleep?

It’s just awesome.  I love snuggling with that little girl at the crack of dawn.  I nursed her early this morning, around six-ish, and she’s still out cold.  I’m awake and alone right now – Jess off to school, Marc getting bloodwork done and running errands, Sam and Julie still sleeping, which is so unbelievably rare, I don’t know quite what to do with myself.  Shower?  Dishes?  Vacuum?  Vege out with coffee and GMA?  Can’t decide, so I figured I’d blog instead. 

I went thru old blog posts last night, and was amused to see that last December, I was pretty much doing exactly what I’m doing right now.  Which is really kind of cool, I like the continuity of it.  I like that every year, we struggle over celebrating Jewish or pagan traditions and how to blend it, because every year we get just a little bit better about it.  I like that I struggled with how to get the kids to bed, how Marc does it differently than I do, and coming to grips with the fact that neither of us is right or wrong, both methods are valid.  I especially love looking back and remembering my pregnancy, and how much better it is now with Julie as a roly poly seven and a half month old.  Jessie is so much more grown up, Sam is too.  Everything is changing in exactly the best ways, but staying the same in all the ways that matter :-).

I’m working on positivity this morning.  Is that a word?  I was a little grumpy this morning, the house is cold, and I’m not at my best at the crack of dawn anyway.  It seemed as though everyone was going out of their way to make my life complicated and unpleasant (which isn’t true, I know it’s irrational). So I made the conscious decision to turn it around.  I’m all sunshine and joy this morning now.  The second cup of coffee may have factored into this.   If you can, think positive thoughts my way today – I fear it may be an uphill battle to maintain this cheer. 

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