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Feb 01

Would like to not complain

So I won’t. Mostly. I’ll just mention that my hips ache so badly that I fear labor, not because of the pain, but because I’m sure that I’m going to hooked up to a fetal monitor for at least part of it, and sitting in one position is awful anyway, but laying in a bed on my back is excruitiating for any length of time. The sciatic pain does go away entirely after birth, right? I grow weary of hobbling like I’m 80…

Moving on… all is delightful in my world. My boy is still sleeping – and last night, he crawled up on top of me, squeezing my belly first, then my breasts, then my neck, then my cheeks and topped it off with a kiss on my forehead. And then looked at me, utterly satisfied and told me that I was filled up with the Sammy love. He’s so fabulous – I adore him.

Jessica Mary is doing so, so well. She’s really grown up so much lately and her seventh birthday is less than a week away – how did my baby get so big??? She danced off to school this morning, happy as could be, and I already miss her.

My belly is HUGE. The baby is moving all the time – and for record, does NOT like lemon Italian ice. I had one last night and had to run for the bathroom to vomit. For the first time since Christmas. Marc came and rubbed my back (actually, Marc and both the kids came running to comfort me) and pep talked me out of actually throwing up, but it still was unpleasant and I’ll be avoiding all things lemon related for the next thirteen weeks or so.

The itching is MUCH better. I still have it – it’s like a constant, low level itch that’s all over my body, but I’ve conditioned myself to ignore it most of the time. If I don’t start scratching, it’s nowhere near as bad. I’m also literally moist to the touch, as I’m using a ridiculous amount of lotion these days. Test results back this week on gestational diabetes and the liver/bile thing.

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