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Feb 02

I don’t get siblings still battling into their thirties

At some point, aren’t we supposed to grow up? I’m in the middle of this utterly stupid situation that feels ridiculously reminiscent of being eight years old and arguing over who Mom loves best. I’m so tired of it… it’s just literally so stupid, I’m embarrassed to be involved with it. I’m sad to be related to people who enjoy this sort of thing…

Moving 0n… having a bright and sunshiney morning today, especially when I block out everything that’s not right in front of me. Jess got up this morning and picked out the cutest little outfit and had me do her hair like a little bohemian. It’s adorable – now that she’s doing all of this on her own, I’m really seeing a sense of her own style. She’s so gorgeous and I’m so proud of her.

Arguing with her school because they won’t let her take out chapter books from the school library. When I inquired (because surely she just had the info wrong, why would they be telling her that she had to take out picture books?), I was told that they needed to save the chapter books for the older grades. That’s just wrong on so many levels. I’m e-mailing the teacher and I called her principal as well. She shouldn’t be stifled or held back simply because she’s in first grade – what kind of message is that to send to a kid? I want you to learn to read, keep trying, do your best – but no way can you take out the good books, stick with the baby books. Her teacher suggested that we go to the public library. Which is fine, and we do that at least once a week, but what about the kids who DON’T go to the library? Of all the kids I know in my immediate circle, none of them go the library consistently. Plus, she shouldn’t be going to the school library and be reduced to taking out picture books that she thinks her brother will like because she’d so much rather be reading a chapter book that we have at home. This is a really crappy policy and I’m going to do my best to get it changed.

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