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Oct 26


So excited about moving.  I love moving.  I really do.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of lazy, so I don’t enjoy all the work that goes along with it, but I like being in a new place, new neighborhood, etc.  I found a great table on the internet, someone in Webster (which isn’t too far away) was selling an eight seater dining room table for only $150 – and she’s even delivering it this morning to the new house.  Our current table seats six, which isn’t even enough for just our family when Lilli and Sarah are over, let alone big enough when we have guests over.   I freecycled the stuff we’re getting rid of (like a queen bed, and a microwave), and found someone who had a bunch of bubblewrap for wrapping dishes.  My mother brought over a bunch of boxes all ready, and I’ve got some more to pick up this weekend over at a friends house.  Now I just have to pack them 🙂

As of this morning – we’ll have the living room furnished, the dining room table, and we’ve already got beds there for all of us.  SO tempting just to start living there… but we have to pack up over here and get it all moved  out – so we’re really looking at probably the first weekend in November as the official move in date.  Marc wants to get the girls’ bedroom painted, and get better lighting down in the basement before we move in. 

All is well here – I love having Marc home, it’s so much easier, contemplating this move, with him home to assist.  I know he’ll have to go back to work, and I’m dreading it – especially because Sam is so loving having all this Daddy time.   The only problem, honestly, is that with two parents at home, the kid is getting really used to having his every need met, and has developed a tendency to just start screaming when he doesn’t get his way.  Sam isn’t really prone to temper tantrums, not the way that Jessie was (I think Jess has trouble sometimes channelling all of her emotions – she’s always been really intense, and we’ve struggled with temper tantrums since she was a toddler) – so I’m confident that we’ll be able to get thru this stage quickly.  It’s just a matter of being consistent and not caving when he starts fussing.  Not fun, but doable. 

Jessie is having some issues at school.  She’s still doing well, when she’s tested, she’s scoring in the “high above average” for reading and “above average” for math, but she’s still reversing numbers and letters.  It’s still developmental (which, as far as I can tell, means that I shouldn’t worry about it), but I do.  It’s having a detrimental effect on her self-esteem, she feels like she’s not as smart because she keeps getting papers back with corrections all over them.  I’m meeting with her teacher tomorrow, and hopefully things will improve.  There’s nothing in the world harder than watching your child struggle and I think I hate this stage way more than Jess does. 

Julianna is a heartbeat away from just taking off.  She’s sitting up mostly on her own, still topples occasionally, but she’s also standing up on her own (well, holding on with just her hands).  She seems to be light years faster at this than my other two, but I remember Sam was climbing everything in the world by the time he was seven months or so, and she’ll be six months at the end of this week.  She’s just so pretty and so sweet.  Such a good natured baby – she loves everyone and everything. 

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