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Oct 28

Patience – thy name is NOT Melissa

I try, I really do.  And mostly, I’m pretty good at it.  I think I’m patient with my kids, for the most part.  I think I’m endlessly patient with lots of other situations.  And I adore my husband more than anything in the whole wide world – but I’m so ready to move in.  I just want to MOVE.  Let’s just pack a bag and move in right NOW.  We’ll come back and get our stuff next weekend, when it’s not Halloween and we can sucker people into helping – but the fact that the house is furnished (our landlord is leaving beds for everyone, plus a furnished living room and we’ve got the dining room table over there too) makes me feel like we could just spend a day or two moving our misc not heavy stuff over and be so happy. 

Julianna Ruth is finally cutting her first tooth.  I say finally because she’s been teething hard for several weeks now – drool EVERYWHERE, fussy, awake a lot at night, etc.  She’s only cutting one though – both Jess and Sam always seemed to get teeth in pairs, but it’s just the bottom left one coming in right now :-).  So, so proud of her. 

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