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Jun 05

Yet another breast update

Turns out that it’s not thrush, and not mastitis either. It’s a teeny, tiny cut on my nipple, and engorgement because I’m avoiding nursing on that side because it’s so monumentally painful. As you can imagine, I’m distinctly ill amused with this, had really hoped that I could just take a little pill or something to make it better instead of hearing “suck it up, that’s part of breastfeeding.” I’m paraphrasing a little, but not much.

I’m going to keep going – because breastfeeding really is better than formula, and Julianna is THRIVING, but I can totally understand why women throw in the towel on nursing, because it’s been a battle from the beginning with Julie. But it is worth it – and it’s so much better for her, it’s cheaper, I’d have to suffer thru days of engorgement if I quit, and she really, really does love it. So I’m going to suck it up – but send me healing thoughts, okay? Because this really hurts.


  1. Queen Bee

    at least you know what the culprit for the pain is. still, i hope it heals quickly and you get some relief!!

  2. Anonymous

    Please, do stick with it. You are obviously doing a great job! I had the same problems and I got through them. My daughter loved to nurse too and she is now a very healthy & bright 2-1/2 yr old. It's all worth it…keep up the good work. Even though the pain is mind bending!

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