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Jun 04

nursing troubles – again

More nursing problems… my breast is really sore. The whole damn thing, nursing isn’t too painful yet, but it hurts just walking around and God forbid anyone happen to brush up against my chest (and with three kids – this happens a lot more often than you might think). I have no idea what the problem is – it’s not thrush, I don’t think it’s a blocked duct, it’s not mastitis. It just hurts like hell. I’m speculating that my poor breasts are just worn out. I nursed Sam for so long and he only weaned when I was pregnant, so these poor babies have been working hard for over four years now, between the pregnancy with Sam, nursing him for three plus years and then the pregnancy with Julianna. Maybe they just don’t work as well anymore. They’re tired :-). I’ll keep trekking along, hoping that it’ll work itself out. I nursed her for a while on it earlier, and it wasn’t fun, but wasn’t as bad as it was when the thrush was at it’s worst.

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