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Apr 05

The agony of a loose tooth

My heart breaks for her. I know in the overall scheme of things, this is not a tragedy. It’s not. It’s a perfectly natural, normal thing that every child must go thru. But it makes Jessie nuts, and she trudged out the door this morning, weeping and miserable because her tooth is really, really loose. And she won’t let us pull it out.

She’s never had an easy time losing her teeth. Her first two teeth, the ones on the bottom, she lost when she had her broken wrist. With only one functional arm, she had been using her mouth to grab things and when she was getting undressed one night, her shirt got stuck on the cast. Without thinking, she bit the shirt and yanked to get it past the cast and pulled both her bottom teeth out. She was completely traumatized, came screaming out of her bedroom, stark naked with a shirt hanging off her arm. The top two teeth weren’t much better… she came home from kidnergarten sobbing because one was so loose it felt really weird and the other was close to it. Marc does the driving to and from school and had to get back to work. And he got a facecloth to examine it, and ended up just yanking both of the loose teeth out. No warning, just BOOM – teeth gone, problem solved. Which was so NOT what she wanted, and she was totally freaked out. End result is that she won’t let him anywhere near her teeth (and who could blame her?), and the prospect of someone pulling a dangling tooth out of her mouth is cause for absolute hysteria.

The poor kid – I feel so bad for her. She wasn’t awful this morning, but her tooth was bothering her and she was crying and miserable. And I sent her off to school anyway.

Sam’s still asleep, thank goodness, because the more sleep he gets, the better everything is.

No news on the baby front – as much as I want to have her right now, right this very minute, there’s a part of me that resigned to the thought that she’s not coming any time soon. It’s beginning to feel as though I’ll be pregnant for the rest of my life. I’m going to walk today, and walk and walk and walk, and see what happens. Probably nothing, but at least the kids will have fun at the park 🙂

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