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Mar 04

Stay at home mom bliss

I really am having just the nicest day here. Harrison is home sick again, so it’s just me, Jessica and Sam and it’s lovely. Sam was really overtired and threw a major tantrum prior to his nap, one of his best ever, screaming and crying, hyperventilating because he can’t breathe – and then finally drifting off to sleep. Jess and I made cookies together – such a mommy thing to do – and I’m feeling very domestic and maternal today.

Took the plunge and made an appt to begin the application process for the New Jewish Academy for my girl. I’m still not certain if it’s a good idea, but I’m even less certain that going to public school in Worcester is a good idea. If I could guarantee that she’d be attending one of the best schools and not one of the crappy ones down the street, I’d feel better – but there’s no guarantee, and no recourse. If we don’t get picked in the lottery, and aren’t successful in the hearing at Flagg Street, then we’re out of luck.

So we’ll see – it depends almost entirely on what kind of financial aid we’d get. I hate that the quality of her education is dependent on how much other people think we’re poor, but it does.

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