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May 20

Baby Ducks

There is a family of baby ducks, or as we like to call them in the Cohen household “baby quackies” at Elm Park. And for the past two days, that’s what we’ve been doing each morning. I haul the boys outside and push the carriage down to Elm Park – we walk ALL the way around the pond, pointing out the “big quackies” and the “baby quackies.” Yesterday, the baby ducks were all huddled in the nest or right beside it, but today, they were out and about. Five little baby ducklings and their mommy duck out on a sunny morning. And it was so lovely – I had the two toddler boys, and my big five year old girl and we fed them stale bread and then played at the playground for an hour or so.

It’s an interesting society at the playground – in the late afternoon, it’s overtaken by bigger kids who run and scream and scare the hell out of my cherubs, lots of Moms and Dad and grandparents, but in the morning, there is usually just me and the nannies. Sometimes a grandparent or two, but not often. I’m assuming that they are nannies, because they are so young to have these kids… and I watch them, wondering if the kids are missing their moms. I am so glad that I’m the one pushing my babies on the swings or catching them on the slides.

Cold afternoon now – the sun is behind the clouds and the temp has dropped considerably. I’m making my afternoon cup of coffee, and my kids are bopping around the house, Jessie is curled up under the table, fuming that I won’t let her play on the computer, and Sam is sneaking potato chips leftover from lunch. I’ve got a stack of new books from the library to read later on once the kids go to sleep, I’ve got dinner thawing out in the kitchen, waiting to be cooked… I’m feeling a bit like I’ve accidentally been trasnported back in time to the fifties household, especially because I’m unreasonably happy that my husband will be home for dinner tonight – but while this may be old fashioned and WAY too traditional – I LOVE being a stay at home mom and wife.

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